Debate Club SF

Debate Club SF is a place for people in the San Francisco area to discuss and argue about topics of interest with other locals.

Debate Club SF: Change Your Mind

Meet Debate Club SF

Debate Club SF: Change Your Mind

Debate Club SF is where San Franciscans go to broaden their perspective, to discuss current and local topics with people who aren’t in their immediate social circles– all in a transit-accessible location that’s friendly, not too loud, and has a great beer selection.

It’s something that I’ve been meaning to organize for a while and still haven’t gotten to, but I hope to put on the first prototype event some time this spring. Stay tuned, or let me know if you are interested, email below.

Problem: All of the places where the public can witness live discussion of timely topics, such as lectures and author events, follow the “star system” model*, where chosen individuals present to a passive audience. Even when there’s a Q-and-A at the end, it’s still one-sided: audience asks, and expert answers.

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