Investian is the personal blog of Paul Spinrad, the writer, editor (Wired, MAKE), programmer, and broad-spectrum enthusiast who launched the movement to legalize investment crowdfunding in the U.S.– and who now has no excuse not to start pursuing the schemes that he had in mind.

This site also collects his trusted outsider writings on investment crowdfunding, as published in PBS MediaShift, MAKE, O’Reilly Radar, Boing Boing, crowdsourcing.org, and his old Change Crowdfunding Law blog.

Paul lives in San Francisco with his wife and two children, and he does not want his potentially machine-recognizable likeness to be potentially machine-associatable with his machine-readable name.

Investian: a person who believes in the positive transformational power of small and local direct investing– encompassing not just financial, but also intellectual, emotional, and time investments.