MAKE: California Needs Investment Crowdfunding: An Open Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown

Goli at MAKE asked me to write a column on crowdfunding for their vol. 38 print magazine, which comes out in March. I wanted to focus on the state exemption movement with an “Open Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown” petitioning for an intrastate exemption in California.

Goli and I realized that it would be better to publish something like that sooner on the MAKE blog, and then revise it to be more generalized, and not framed as a letter to Jerry Brown, for the magazine. So that’s the plan– and here’s the blog post, which just went up yesterday.

To make the editorial more “actionable,” I created a petition using the same text, and linked to it at the end. I generally think online petitions are a waste of time, but am hoping this will be an exception.

My co-conspirator on the effort is Mark Perlmutter. A few years ago he tried to interest some California state reps and other elected officials in a California crowdfunding exemption. He didn’t get any bites at the time, but the climate’s different now, so I think it’s going to happen.

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