The SEC Petition for a Crowdfunding Exemption

Here is the petition that the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) just sent to the SEC proposing a crowdfunding exemption.

Read the whole thing??? it???s so well researched and reasoned! Jenny Kassan, Kathleen Kenney, and Aroma Sharma at the SELC did fantastic work on this.


The work was funded via this successful IndieGoGo campaign by the following highly-respected, well-liked, kind, smart, and sexy people:

Anonymous (4)

Zebulon Bartels

Ed Baum

Thomas Beckett

David Bienvenu

Noah Carpenter

Brian Chaikelson

David Cohn

Sean Corbett

Mackenzie Cowell

Andrew Day

Chris Duesing

Marcy Eiben

Jodie Emmett

Stanley Florek

Todd Harris

David Hauser

Jordan Hayes

Mike Hedge

Fran Kaplan

Tim Kappel

Jennifer Kassan

Kathleen Kenney

Keith Kosmin

Gijsbert Koren

John Kraemer

Christen Lee

Harold Lee

Justin Layne May

Holly Minch

Andrew Neuschatz

Charles Neveu

James Parkhill

Ross Pruden

Ellen Raynor

Kurt Reinhold

Danae Ringelmann

Ileana Rizescu

Timothy Rood

Daniel Schreiber

Aroma Sharma

Michael Shuman

Paul Spinrad

Jason Stetler

Mari Tamburo

Brian Tsuchiya

Gever Tulley

Vanessa Warheit

Nicholas Weininger


Not on this list? This is just the beginning, and it’s not too late to help with this. The important part now is to send (and encourage others to send) comments to the SEC regarding this petition, which you can do once they give it a File No. and post it, hopefully this coming week. Stay tuned!